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Outcomes of the 27th JAN 2021 Webinar

1. Draft Exercise Instruction - contain a wealth of practical information.

You can find it following this link.

2. Questionnaire - Intended participation at the exercise

3. Questionnaire - Evaluation Team & DISTAFF

Updated Planning Calendar for Exercise

You can find it following this link.

New Calendar for Exercise

As a cosequence of COVID-19 pandemic situation, new timline for EX North Macedonia 2021 was developed.

You can find it following this link.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Republic of North Macedonia and NATO’s Euro-Atlantic Disaster Response Coordination Centre (EADRCC) jointly decided to postpone the planning and conduct of the field exercise “NORTH MACEDONIA 2020”.

Note by the Acting Chairman

Updated Planning Calendar for Exercise

In response to new situation planning calendar for field exercise was updated.

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Virtual Tour Along Exercise Sites

This map shows the locations in the area of the 2020 EADRCC field exercise.

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VTC Meeting

On Wednesday 18th March 2020 at 15:00 (UTC+1) EARDCC will hold VTC Meeting to discuss way ahead in regards to EX North Macedonia 2020. Agenda of the meeting will cover:Postponement of the 19th EADRCC Conseuence Management Command Post and Field Exercis "North Macedonia 2020", Initial discussion on the revised schedule, Notification of the participants (nations and international organizations), Any other business.


Details for EADRCC Virtual Meeting Room you can find here - Lifesize

  EX "North Macedonia 2020" Postponed
Due to outbreak of coronavirus pandemic in Europe, Republic  of North Macedonia together with EARDCC decided to postpone planning and preparation events as well as execution stage of exercise “North Macedonia 2020” to a later date. At the moment, next planned event is Intermediate Visit of the Core Planning Team in early September 2020.
  18-20 FEB 2020 Main Planning Conference
On 18th of FEB 2020, more than 100 participants attended the plenary session of Main Planning Conference (MPC) for exercise “North Macedonia 2020”. First day of MPC was hosted by NATO HQ in Brussels and facilitated in Public Press Room. Plenary session is followed by working group sessions in the beautiful premises of the Hotel Le Plaza. On 20th of FEB all working groups provided their back briefs while Nations and International Institutions initially declared their contribution to exercise. All findings after short staffing will be published on EX web page, provided to MPC participants and formulate the baseline for Final Coordination Conference which going to be May in Ohrid.
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